Ing. plk. Alexander Beer

Ing. plk. Alexander Beer (* 7 Feb. 1917): Vice Chairman of the Czechoslovak Legionary Community, was active in the independent Czechoslovak unit in the USSR, and a laureate of the Sokolovo Memorial Medal (1948).

Čestní občané BeerHe fled to Poland due to his Jewish origin shortly before the Second World War.  After Poland was attacked, he continued to flee eastward, to the USSR, where he later enlisted in the newly established Czechoslovak unit in Buzuluk.  He took part in the Battle of Sokolovo, where he was wounded, and the Battles of Kursk, Kyjev, Bíla Cerkev, and Zhaskov.  Then he fought in Slovakia and in the Battle of Ostrava.  Overall, he was wounded in combat three times.

He was briefly arrested in the early 1950s.  Since 1948, he has lived in Prague 2 in the same flat.

He is a true patriot, whose life can serve as a good example to his contemporaries and future generations, and not only of Prague 2.  At the same time, his membership in the independent Czechoslovak unit in the USSR reminds us of a significant part of our country’s history that is presently somewhat neglected.


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