Prof. Břetislav Pojar

Prof. Břetislav Pojar (* 7 Oct. 1923): director, screenwriter, and illustrator of animated films, professor at FAMU.

Čestní občané PojarBřetislav Pojar always had an inclination towards film and art.  After the War, he briefly studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the University of Architecture, but finished neither.  During the War, he began working as an illustrator and grinder in the Studio for Film Tricks.  As an animator, he was one of the founders of the famous studio “Brothers in a T-Shirt” (Bratři v triku) and in the end, he was for forty years the lead animator and director of the Jiří Trnka Studio – his first films included Old Czech Legends (Staré pověsti české) and Midsummer Night’s Dream (Sen noci svatojánské).  Břetislav Pojar has done more than 70 illustrated and puppet films.  His first was O skleničku navíc (1954) and others included Paraplíčko (1957), Lev a písnička (1959), Velryba (1977).  He earned well-deserved fame with the audiences as well as the critics for his series Pojďte, pane, budeme si hrát (1965 – 1967) and the stories of five boys inspired by Trnka’s book Zahrada.  Together with J. Špáta, he created the popular TV series for children Dášeňka čili Život štěněte (1977 – 1979).

Motto: “I try to do children’s films a bit like an iceberg.  Only about a tenth of it can be seen, and the other nine are under the water… But anyone who wants will see the whole thing.  It is always a lucky exception when my films for children are liked by adults as well, because Chaplin was probably the only one who managed to interest both the regular, simple viewer and audiences at festivals.”

Medal for Distinguished Service to Břetislav Pojar

On 28 October 2008, the President of the Czech Republic awarded a Medal for Distinguished Service in the Field of Culture and Art to Professor Břetislav Pojarov, a famous Czech screenwriter, director, and animated film artist, and an honorary citizen of the Borough of Prague 2.  As an animator, he was one of the founders of the famous studio “Brothers in a T-Shirt” (Bratři v triku) in 1946 and worked for forty years as an animator and director of the Jiří Trnka Studio.  His extensive film creations have won the hearts of generations of children and adult viewers and earned him the most prestigious international artistic awards.  As a teacher, he still passes his experience on to the upcoming generation of film artists.


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