Prof. PhDr. FRANTIŠEK ČERNÝ, DrSc.: theatre historian, theoretician, and critic

(* 21.2. 1926, † 12.6.2010)

Prof. PhDr. FRANTIŠEK ČERNÝ, DrSc.He has earned a number of awards in culture and is the honorary President of the International Federation for Theatre Research.
He started to work in aesthetics and literary criticism at the Institute of the Academy of Sciences for Czech Literature, from which he transferred to the Faculty of Arts of Charles University.  After November 1989, students and the academic council unanimously elected him the dean of the faculty.  In 1968, he became a Professor of the History of Czech Theatre.  He is the main author of the four-volume History of Czech Theatre.  He was one of the initiators of the project to build a memorial to the Čapek Brothers at Náměstí Míru.


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