A Guide to Trade-Licensed Business

Information on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic



A Single Registration Form  

The single registration form (SRF) replaces various types of forms for submissions that an entrepreneur formerly had to make at the Trade Licensing Office, revenue authority, relevant social security administrative office, Labour Office, and at his health insurance fund, before starting a business.  All of the information required by the relevant authorities were merged into one form and made clearer for the entrepreneur, and at the same time, the filling out of identical information, particularly his identification, in registration or sign-up forms at all of the authorities named above has been done away with.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with the ministries concerned (the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of Health) produced two basic types of single registration forms, one for legal entities and one for natural persons.  This 2-page form can be made for submissions according to the Trade Licensing Act as well as for basic registration at the revenue authority, social security administration, Labour Office, and health insurance fund.


Single Contact Point

On 28 December 2009, Act No. 222/2009 Coll., on the Free Movement of Services, as amended, came into force, which simplified the provision of services on the internal market of the European Union.  A significant benefit brought by the Act on the Free Movement of Services is the opening of so-called Single Contact Points.  These contact points set up at the municipal trade licensing authorities in the capital of each region will serve Czech, as well as foreign, service providers, in dealing with all of the formalities required for starting a business.  A future entrepreneur will not only obtain information about the legal regulations concerning services in all EU member states, but also information concerning consumer protection, dispute resolution options, etc.  An application for the issuance of an authorisation for the provision of services can be submitted through any single contact point to the relevant administrative authority.  List of single contact points in Prague - The Borough Municipal Authority of Prague 1 — Municipal Trade Licensing Office and The Borough Municipal Authority of Prague 7 — Municipal Trade Licensing Office


For further information, please see the portal  http://www.businessinfo.cz/en/.