The older building on Vinohradská Street was built for Czechoslovak Radio between 1927 and 1930.  The plans were designed by architect Bohumil Sláma (1887 – 1961), who was, among others, a co-author of rental buildings on Slezská Street (No. 1736-1739).  Radio broadcasting only moved to the new building in December 1933.  People loved “their” radio.  They did not hesitate to defend it with bare hands against well armed soldiers in May 1945 as well as twenty-three years later, in August 1968. cesky_rozhlas.jpg

Over time, the original building no longer sufficed in meeting the ever-increasing demands of the increasing number of channels and scope of broadcasting.  A skyscraper was planned for the radio on Pankrác Hill.  The megalomaniac building was, however, not completed, and instead, public radio got a new facility – again in Vinohrady and, furthermore, in the vicinity of the original building.

Te new Czech Radio building at 13 Římská Street was designed by architects from the A.D.N.S. studio.  The building was built on the basis of their plans in 1998-2000, and at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, it became the base of all “radio people”, when the building at 12 Vinohradská Street underwent an overhaul and upgrade, returning it to its original purpose in 2009.

The lot on Římská Street, under which several tunnels pass, was not easy for the implementation of the investor’s architectural plan.  Subway and railway trains passing several meters from the base of the building caused there to be a search for how to best ensure interior acoustics and perfect recording and broadcasting conditions.  The solution, which is absolutely unique in this country, became a prominent architectural feature of the building.  A part of the building containing broadcasting studios is based on a system of steel springs that prevent the transfer of noise and vibration into the building.  The interior is characterised by revealed concrete, solid wood, glass, and stone.  The facade is veneered with red Scottish sandstone and aluminium panels.

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