Division General Ing. ALOIS ELIÁŠ

Division General Ing. ALOIS ELIÁŠ participated, as the Prime Minister of the Protectorate Government, in shaping of the resistance against the Germans and also kept in contact with the Czechoslovak exiles in London.  He was arrested on 27 September 1941 and shot in Prague – Kobylisy during the period of terror after the assassination of Heydrich, on 19 June 1942.

Divizní generál Ing. ALOIS ELIÁŠ
He was born on 29 September 1890.  He studied land surveillance at the Czech Technical University.  He was conscripted in 1914; in the autumn of the same year, he was captured by the Russians and then joined the Czechoslovak Legions in Russia.  After graduating from the Military College in Paris, he worked as a military expert of the Czechoslovak delegation at the disarmament negotiations of the League of Nations in the 1930s and was also an advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, E. Beneš.  In 1938, General Eliáš first joined the government – he represented Prime Minister Gen. J. Syrový and in the subsequent government, of R. Beran, he was the Minister of Transport.  On 27 April 1939, he was appointed the Prime Minister of the Protectorate Government and until July of the same year also led the Protectorate Ministry of the Interior.   



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