Irena Bernášková

Irena Bernášková (*7 Feb. 1904 – †26 Aug. 1942) – a figure in the anti-Nazi Resistance.

OREZ_Bernaskova.jpgShe was born in Vinohrady into the family of painter Vojtěch Preissig.  She was a leading figure in the Resistance against the Nazis and the first Czech woman convicted to death by the Nazis.  She co-published the largest illegal protectorate periodical – the magazine V boj.  In 1946, she received the 1939 Czechoslovak War Cross in memoriam, and in 1998 a Medal for Bravery.

After Bohemia and Moravia were occupied by the German army, Irena Bernášková got involved in the illegal activities of her father, who co-published, together with Josef Škalda, illustrated, and did graphic work for, the magazine V boj.  After Škalda’s arrest, she took his place.  She became the responsible editor, publisher, printer, administrator, expeditor, and vendor.  37 issues of the magazine were published under her leadership.  The Gestapo only managed to arrest Irena Bernášková on 21 September 1940.  By her bravery during interrogations, where she took all the blame on herself, she saved many associates from the Resistance.  In spite of that, her immediate family were arrested – her husband died in the Buchenwald concentration camp, and her father in the Dachau concentration camp.  On 5 March 1942, she was convicted and sentenced to death and executed in Berlin-Plötzensee on 26 August 1942.


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