Editor and translator JOY KADEČKOVÁ was a member of the Union of Freedom Fighters, of the Union of Aviators of the Czech Republic, and a laureate of major medals and awards: for example the Medal for Distinguished Service in the Czechoslovak Army, Honorary Badge of a Czechoslovak Military Pilot, Medal of Czechoslovak Air Wings in the United Kingdoms (310, 311, 312, 313) and the British Memorial Medal for Distinguished Service in the fight for victory in the Second World War.

Joy Kadečková
She was born on 6 December 1921 in England.  In December 1940, she interrupted her studies at a higher secondary school to serve as a volunteer at the WAAF (the women’s part of the Royal Air Force).  In 1942, she married a pilot of the 311 Czechoslovak Bombardment Wing, Alois Mourek, who died a heroic death two years later.  In 1944 – 1945, she worked as a secretary at the Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior in London and in July 1945 she was transferred to Czechoslovakia.  After 1948, she was persecuted for her strong anti-communist opinions.  She married for the second time, Slavoš Kadečka, who could not finish his studies due to her origin.  In 1996, at the invitation of President Havel, Joy Kadečková was introduced to the Queen of England, Elisabeth II, and Prince Philip.  She died in Prague on 20 April 2006.





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