MUDr. NADĚŽDA KAVALÍROVÁ serves as the Chairman of the Confederation of Political Prisoners.  She was actively involved in resistance against the totalitarian regime: in a show trial after the Hungarian events of 1956, she was convicted of high treason, treason, and espionage.  On 28 September 2004, she received the St. Wenceslas Medal from Archbishop M. Vlk and shortly thereafter, the Jan Masaryk Society awarded her a Medal of Honour and Gratitude.

She was born on 13 November 1923.  From 1945, she studied at the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague and simultaneously at the Faculty of Physical Education.  As a member of the Club of Academics of the National Socialist Party, she participated in the march of 25 February 1948 to the Castle, to President Beneš – later she left the party in protest against the unprincipled approach of certain national socialist politicians.  In early March 1948, she was expelled from all universities in Czechoslovakia.
In 1949, she married JUDr. Jiří Kavalír and after her daughter was born, she stayed at home.  In 1956, she was convicted in a show trial for high treason and espionage.  She was released on parole in 1959.  She worked as an assistant worker, lathe worker, and later as a clerk at the Town Hall of Prague 9.
On 28 October 2006, President Václav Klaus awarded her a state award – the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, First Class.

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