The originally Gothic New Town Hall building at Charles Square was built between 1377 and 1398 (stone-masons’ marks suggest that the worship of Peter Parler was involved in its construction), and it was first rebuilt in 1411 - 1418.  Novoměstská.jpgOf major significance for its appearance was the early Renaissance rebuilding, in 1520 - 1525, carried out by the court workshop of B. Ried, perhaps with the direct involvement of the master himself.  The Renaissance appearance of the building was captured by Josef J. Dietzler in his engravings in the 1740s.  After a fire caused by lightning, the court workshop participated in the renovation of the Town Hall, led by architect Bonifác Wolmuth.

In 1806 – 1811, a classicist renovation took place, during which the gables were taken down and a portal removed.  The architectural appearance of the Town Hall was restored with the rebuilding of the southern wing to a design by Antonín Wiehl and Kamil Hilbert in 1905.  In working on the project, the architects built primarily on the above-mentioned depictions of the Renaissance appearance of the Town Hall on Dietzler’s engravings.  They show an attic level above the main ledge.  At the foot of a tent roof, there were three triangular gables and another massive gable terminated the roof in the west.  According to pictures from 1606, there were gables on the courtyard side, as well.

The Town Hall tower in the south-western corner is 70 meters tall, terminating with a balcony with corner turrets and a tent roof with an octagonal turret and an onion roof.  Visitors are afforded unusual views of the Old and New Towns.

Numerous renovations at New Town Hall were carried out in the last century, as well.  After 1962, the building was declared a national cultural monument.  An archaeological survey was made and during renovations, fragments of original paintings were uncovered.  On the eastern part, a Renaissance portal of the chapel was restored and other premises were restored such that this architectural jewel, not so well known to Prague’s visitors, could shine in all its beauty.

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