Prague Integrated Transport - summer holiday operation

Each year, Prague's integrated transport system operation changes according to changed transport demands. During workdays, metro operation is reduced by about 15%, tram service during peak workday times by about 20%, and bus operation by about 10-15%. Saturday and Sunday operation remains almost unchanged compared to regular times of the year.



During the 2010 summer holidays, metro service on lines A and B is the same as it was during the 2009 summer holidays. On workdays, intervals between trains increase by 40-90 s, except for the Skalka–Depo Hostivař segment on line A, where morning intervals increase to 7.5 minutes, and afternoon intervals to 9 minutes.

Workday metro service is reduced by approximately 15%. Saturday and Sunday intervals remain unchanged, with only some reduction in certain parameters on line C.


Tram line intervals during the holidays increase during workday peak times and lulls by 1-2 minutes compared to year-round operation. During other times, tram line parameters remain unchanged.

  • during the workday morning rush hour, line 4 does not run to Sídliště Barrandov. Other tram line routes depend on the current detour situation.


Holiday bus service in 2010 is the similar as during the 2009 summer holidays.

Workday intervals increase only for selected lines, and mostly by from 1-5 minutes. Saturday and Sunday intervals remain unchanged. The only exceptions are restrictions to line 107 and 147 night service on Sundays, when peak traffic due to students returning to the university dormitory in Suchdol is absent. Restrictions are about 10-15% compared to year-round service.

  • School lines and school connections for regular lines and lines 143, 182 and 305 are cancelled.
  • Lines 175 and 225 are shortened during work day peak times to routes serviced during other workday times.
  • Line 359 does not go to the Suchdol stop.
  • The following stops are not in operation: Elišky Přemyslovny (for all lines) and Divoká Šárka (in Libocká St., only for lines 108, 179 and 225).
  • In the Podhoří–Krakov stretch, Saturday, Sunday and holiday service for line 236 is increased between 9:00 – 20:00 (interval reduced from 60 to 20 minutes).




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