PriceWaterhouseCoopers - BusinessCommunityCenter

A new business centre was opened at the end of 2000 in one of the busiest parts of Prague, at the place where Kateřinská Street intersects Ječná Street.business_com_center.jpg

The PwC BusinessCommunityCenter is one of the most prestigious business addresses in the country, thanks to the exceptional locale, attractive design, and focus on technologies.  The building was designed by architect Jan Kasl such as to create an attractive and professional environment that will captivate attention with its play of austere lines and daylight.

The interior technological equipment is among the most modern in the country, the hotelling office system represents progress in the concept of a work environment, corporate culture, and, naturally, the costs of running the building.  The top floor and its terraces offer a view of the Prague Castle panorama.

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