Privacy Declaration

Published: 21 April 2010

Basic Provisions

The Borough of Prague 2, with its registered seat on Náměstí Míru 20, Prague 2, hereby issues the Terms and Conditions and Declarations for the Use of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator” and “Conditions”).

The Website shall for the purpose of these Conditions mean the Internet pages accessible from the address (hereinafter referred to as the “Portal").

The owner and operator of the Internet site is the Borough of Prague 2, which is, in line with Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, authorised to exercise property rights with respect to the website.  The contents of the website are protected by copyright and contain certain third-party texts, images, and graphics that are used with the consent of those parties.  Their use in violation of the law is prohibited.  We hereby warn users that should they be interested in reproducing or otherwise using images / graphics from this website, the consent of the copyright holder must be obtained.

The rights and obligations of the Operator and of users in using the website shall be governed by these Conditions.  These Conditions shall apply to all persons who visit the website (hereinafter referred to as “Users”).  A User expresses his/her consent to these Conditions by entering the website

Liability of the Operator

The Operator is responsible for the contents it places, and maintains available for use, on the website  The Operator shall not be liable for third-party content to which it only intermediates access.  Furthermore, the Operator shall not be responsible for third-party content placed on the website, if that content is not known to it or if it is not technically feasible and reasonable for it to prevent its use (see below – Third Parties).

Personal Data Protection

Access to certain sections or the use of certain services on the website may be fully or partially conditioned by the Operator on the provision of the user’s personal information, within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection.  The Operator undertakes to obtain that information and handle it in line with the applicable legal regulations, and only use it to the minimum extent required for achieving the purpose for which the information was obtained, and always such as to prevent any harm to the person concerned by the information.

In certain cases, the Operator cooperates with third parties to which the personal information must be made available.  In the event that the Operator wants to make that personal information available and the law requires consent thereto, the User shall be asked for such consent, for example in the conclusion of an agreement.

Collecting Information and Data

In order to improve the contents and usability of this website, the Operator automatically gathers information of several categories from its users.  This information includes:

The IP (Internet Protocol) address of the user’s internet connection provider and/or the user’s computer, if an IP address has been assigned to the User directly;
The full domain name of the user’s Internet connection provider and/or the user’s computer, if a domain name has been assigned to him directly;
The type of browser used (e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, Konqueror, etc.) and the operating system on the user’s computer;
The date and time when the User visited the website;
The web pages visited on the website and the applications / forms used and information about the forms;
Unique URL addresses of pages visited before (if they can be identified), if the User has not connected directly to or is not using it as its homepage.

The Operator uses such information to identify the performance needs at the point of installation, ensure compatibility with the technology used by the visitors to, and to generally supplement and improve the services offered on the website.  In order to achieve those goals, once a month the Operator conducts a statistical analysis of the data it gathers.

General data (other than personal) is grouped for the purpose of tracking the usability, performance, and effect of the pages.  These surveys serve for the improvement of customer services and the usability and contents of the website.

The Information Provided by the Website

In using/working with the website, a User may voluntarily provide information to the Operator, including by e-mail or by completing and submitting an electronic form.

Such voluntarily provided information shall be stored in a safe environment and used by the Operator in performing its obligations to its inhabitants.  The purposes for which voluntarily provided information can be used include the following:

Make it easier to respond to a request for information that is not available at
The resolution of a problem that was announced to the Operator through  The publication of such information, on the basis of a request submitted pursuant to the right to the freedom of information or a court order, unless that information is legally protected.

The Operator does not gather data for commercial or business purposes.  The Operator shall not hire out to any third party, sell, or exchange with a third party any information of Users (i.e., information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, etc., which identifies the User as a specific person) without the explicit consent of the User.  All use of financial information by the Operator shall be governed by a guideline on proceeding in financial matters.

Security / Safety

Information that is protected by special legal regulations (e.g., the user’s personal and operating information) is only made available to a User on our portals following the user’s prior identification and authentication using log-in information.  In these cases, the User has the option to receive or create his/her own password for access or submitting personal information.  The password should not be disclosed to anyone and the Operator shall never ask the User for the password in a telephone conversation, by fax, e-mail, or in any other non-standard form of communication.  As soon as the User terminates a password-protected application or applications, he/she must leave the relevant page.  If a publicly accessible browser is used for accessing such password-protected pages, the User must also close his entire session and if possible clean out temporary buffering memories or other places where that password may have been saved.

With the aim of preventing unauthorised access or disclosure, in an attempt to maintain the precision of data and to ensure an appropriate use of information, the appropriate physical, electronic and management procedures were implemented, which protect and secure the information gathered.


This website generally does not use “permanent” cookie files.

"Cookies" are small data files or items in larger files used for distinguishing website visitors and for finding out information during multiple visits to the website.  The Operator uses “Temporary” cookie files on certain parts of its website and those temporary cookie files do not remain stored on the computer disk once a session is finished and a browser is closed.

The use of cookies is a standard practice at Internet sites.  Most Internet browsers accept cookie files automatically, but you can usually refuse cookie files by setting your browser preferences, or you can selectively accept only some of them.  If a User turns off the receipt of cookies, some functionalities on the website may not be available to him/her and some web pages may not display correctly in that case.

Web Beacons

The City does not use web beacons on its websites or in any html e-mail created or otherwise sent by for any purpose other than identifying the use, performance, and effectiveness of the website, ensuring compatibility with the technology used by the visitors to the Portal, and a general supplementation and improvement of the services offered on the Portal.

Web beacons are electronic images, called a single-pixel (1x1) or clear.  Web beacons can recognise certain types of information on a visitor’s computer, such as cookies, the time and date of a page viewed, and a description of the page where the Web beacon is placed.  Certain beacons can be made non-functional by rejecting the corresponding cookie files. 


No application on the Portal specifically requires information from minors and does not attempt to find out whether a User is of the age of majority.  Given that such information will not be specifically identifiable as information from minors, the Users of the Portal must be aware that any personal information provided to the Portal by minors will be handled in the same way as information provided by adults.

The Operator firmly believes that parental supervision is an important factor in the use of the Internet by minors.  Therefore, the Operator asks parents to help and advise their children if they are to provide any personal information on-line.  Furthermore, the Operator requests that children would ask their parents’ permission before providing any information on-line.

Third Parties

Links to third-party servers that may be contained on the Portal are only provided for the convenience of Users.  Links to other website are not concealed; they are marked so as to make it clear that they are external links (with the formulation “link to other pages” at the cursor when you mouse over a specific link).  If a User uses such a link, he leaves the Portal.  The Operator does not study these third-party websites nor their privacy protection principles, which may differ from the Operator’s approach.  Third-party websites are not subject to approval by the Operator and the Operator does not make any representations with respect to those servers, and cannot bear any liability for the contents of those pages.  These Conditions and declarations about privacy protection do not apply to the personal data you decide to provide through the pages of unrelated third parties.  We recommend that before you enter any personal information, you read the privacy protection principles of the given organisation.

The Operator of the website reserves the right to change the conditions of this declaration without prior notice.


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