Stanislav Fišer

Stanislav Fišer (*14 Dec. 1931) – actor.

OREZ_Fiser.jpgA figure of the Prague theatre world, who made a significant contribution to the high standard of Czech dubbing.  He earned the František Filipovský Award in 1999 for his life-long mastery.  He spent a large part of his life in Podskalí.

In 1959, he was engaged by Jan Werich at the ABC Theatre, from which Fišer transferred with Werich to the Prague Municipal Theatre (Městská divadla pražská) in 1962.  There, he worked until his retirement in 1993.  Nevertheless, he played there as a guest actor until he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2004.  He withdrew to privacy following surgery, in which his vocal cords were removed.  Stanislav Fišer did an immense amount of work in dubbing, he was one of the ten most used dubbing actors in the country.  It was with his voice that Pierre Brice spoke as Vinnetou, he lent his voice to Peter Sellers but also to the cartoon character Asterix.  At a mature age, he also took up painting; his style puts him among the naïve painters.  After several years of fighting with a serious illness, he returned before the camera as the dumb Mr. Lang in the TV series Very Fragile Relations.  His portrait is presented for example in the book “Nekončící potlesk aneb Galerie nezapomenutelných”.

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