The innovation at Karlovo náměstí metro station

The Prague Public Transit Co. have installed a test version of a new information and navigation system pilot project at the metro B station on Karlovo náměstí.

In preparing the project, which began in the fall of 2008, they based themselves both on analyses of already implemented and tested public transit info system in cities in Europe and worldwide (e.g. London, Madrid, Vienna and Paris), and on collaboration with independent experts from a number of fields. Other participants in project preparation include the Czech National Disability Council, leading designers and information design and technology specialists, and the Prague Information Service, whose focus is the interests of visitors to Prague.

The primary emphasis was that the system be comprehensible, well organized, and in line with modern graphics and design trends. This is why it uses more pictograms and designates individual exits with numbers. On the Karlovo náměstí metro platform, you can see maps with individual exits numbered. The new system's graphics were based on more prominent elements that the existing one. Information signs on platforms and in vestibules combine only two colours. The contrast of these colours, white and dark blue, is more visible than current signs, and the sans-serif font is easier to read.

In the future, the navigation system will span the entire Prague Integrated Transport system. Its implementation will depend on available finances, which will include funds from the European Union. If the pilot project is successful, and if European support is received, it is expected that it will be expanded to additional metro stations and into the city's entire public transport system.




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