Trains in Prague cost free for seniors 70+

Up to now, seniors older than 70 years couldn't use trains in Prague cost free. Since 31.7.2010, these  passengers can buy Opencard with application Senior 70+, and travel for free in trains across Prague. One time fee for this application is 20 CZK for 4 years (supposed card validity). The start of validity is optional, first the day of 70th birthday of the user.

Basic information

  • opencard is intended also for seniors 70+, that can travel for free in trains across Prague 
  • seniors, that don't use trains, can henceforth travel in other means of transport PID for free, even without opencard (using ID card or PID-ID card)
  • in trains outside Prague (i.e. in PID outlying zones),  for all seniors 70+ the present PID tariffs are still valid


Zveřejněno: 20.07.2010 –