prof. MUDr. VÁCLAV TOŠOVSKÝ, DrSc.: paediatric surgeon

 Čestný občan - Tošovský(* 1 July 1912, † 26 Nov. 2007)

He started his career in the Prague Czech Children’s Hospital as an assistant at the orthopaedic clinic of Prof. Zahradníček.  From there, he went to the Children’s Hospital in Karlov, of which he was later appointed the head.  He led the hospital for 10 years, and when it was divided, he became a member of the teaching staff of the newly established Faculty of Paediatric Medicine.  In the early 1970s, he helped move the clinic to Motol, and when he left it, he worked at the University Policlinic in Prague.  He specialised in acute abdominal cases, newborn surgery, and traumatology.



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